OTTO KUHLMANN – a German industrial history with tradition.

  • 2020

    Investments in production facilities

    Investment in new production facilities for cable bead production.


  • 2018

    Technology leap

    The investment in a new plant for the production of clamping rings for air springs in the chassis area for cars and trucks has significantly improved the technological equipment.


  • 2017

    Logistics expansion

    Expansion of logistics capacity by opening a logistics site in Iserlohn Sümmern.

  • 2012

    Focus on the future

    New courses were set in the direction of growth and major investments were made, which expanded the range to include stamped and bent parts. The permanent search for further products, the constant readiness for our customers and the will and ability of the employees of the Kuhlmann houses will also be a guarantee for successful cooperation with our company in the future.


  • 2006

    Foundation: Otto Kuhlmann Langelsheim GmbH

    On 30.01.2006, Otto Kuhlmann Langelsheim OKL GmbH joined the family of companies as a sister company under the umbrella of Otto Kuhlmann GmbH & Co. KG. At the OKL GmbH site, in addition to clamping and support rings, a wide variety of wire bending parts are manufactured for the automotive, electrical and fittings industries.

  • 2002

    Name change

    Otto Kuhlmann Automotive System-Parts GmbH was founded on 22 August 2002 as part of a change of name under company law.


  • 1990

    Production expansion: single wire and clamping rings

    At the beginning of the nineties and at the end of this decade, the production of single wire rings as reinforcement parts for the air spring industry and later the production of tensioning/clamping rings for rolling lobe air springs was started. The latter were initially used in suspensions for driver’s seats, but then also increasingly for truck cabs and in passenger car construction.

  • 1980

    Cable beads for high performance tyres

    The business of cable beads for high-speed tyres developed into the mainstay, while the products for bicycle tyres increasingly migrated to countries of low-cost production due to cost pressure. Against this background, it was recognised as early as the 1980s that new similar products had to be taken up that would secure the company’s existence for a long time.



  • 1970

    Expansion of the production programme

    The narrow rolling mill, which was no longer competitive, was sold at the beginning of the 1970s and the company developed and invested in the growing business field of wire insert parts for the bicycle industry. At the same time, the production programme was expanded to include the manufacture of steel wire cable beads as insert cores for truck tyres and special tyres of various kinds (high-speed tyres, OTR tyres, car tyres, etc.). Exports to all countries of the world boomed and the design, manufacture and sale of machinery was added to the product portfolio.

  • 1948

    Generation change

    Originally, the company was founded for the production of flat-rolled cold-rolled strip qualities, but at the same time the production of insertion wires for the bicycle industry was already running.

    After the end of the Second World War, due to the early death of his father and company founder Otto Kuhlmann, Mr. Martin Kuhlmann took over the management of the plant in Sauerland and successfully concentrated and consolidated the business of the medium-sized company in the middle of the century.


  • 1917

    New production location

    While production was initially carried out at another nearby location, the industrial building that is still in use today was built as early as 1917 and has been expanded over time and constantly adapted to changing requirements.

  • 1908

    Company formation

    The successful history of Otto Kuhlmann GmbH & Co. KG began with the signing of the founding contract on 12 August 1908 before the “Royal Notary” in Hamm. KG.