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OTTO KUHLMANN Automotive System-Parts GmbH – a German industrial story with tradition since 1908.

  • 2012
    Future alignment
    New points are set in the direction “growing” and big investments have been effected to extend the portfolio by stamping and bending parts. The permanent search for further products, the continuous readiness for our customers and the will and capability of the employees of both companies Kuhlmann guarantee a successful future cooperation with us.
  • 2009
    Change of Management
    Since the death of Mr. Martin Kuhlmann in 2009, the fortunes of the company are successfully guided in the sense of the former owner by manager Mr. Volker Klöpping.
  • 2006
    Foundation of Otto Kuhlmann Langelsheim GmbH
    On January 30, 2006 Otto Kuhlmann Langelsheim OKL GmbH joined the entrepreneur family as affiliated company under the roof of Otto Kuhlmann GmbH & Co. KG. Besides supporting and clamping rings, a variety of wire bending parts for the automotive, electrical and furniture industry are produced by OKL GmbH.
  • 2002
    Change of trade name
    Within the scope of a company law change of trade name, Otto Kuhlmann Automotive System-Parts GmbH was founded on August 22,2002.
  • 1990
    Extension of production by single wire rings
    In the beginning of the nineties and the end of that decade, the production of single wire rings as strengthening parts for air spring industry and later an the production of clamping/crimping rings for suspension bags were started. The latter were initially used in springs for driver seats and then increasingly also for truck drivers’ cabs and in passenger car constructions.
  • 1984
    Change in generations
    Originally, the company was founded for the production of flat rolled cold strip qualities, but the production of single wire beads for the bicycle tyre industry was already running parallel to this. At the end of the Second World War, Mr. Martin Kuhlmann took over the management of the company in Sauerland, due to the early death of his father and company founder Mr. Otto Kuhlmann, and concentrated and consolidated successfully the trade of the middle-class company in the middle of the century.
  • 1980
    Cable beads for high-performance tyres
    The business with cable beads for high-speed tyres grew into a leading segment, whereas, by rising costs, the products for bicycle tyres moved more and more to countries with cut-price production. At this background, Otto Kuhlmann realized already in the eighties that new similar products had to be found to ensure existence for a long time.
  • 1970
    Extension of the production program
    The no longer competitive narrow rolling mill was sold in the beginning of the seventies and the company developed and invested into the growing business field “single wire beads” for the bicycle industry. At the same time, the
    program was extended by the production of steel wire cable beads as inlays for truck tyres and special tyres of different kinds (high-speed tyres, OTR tyres, passenger car tyres and so on). Exports to all countries of the earth were booming and the construction, production and sale of machinery was taken to the product portfolio as well.
  • 1917
    New production location
    lnitially producing at another near-by location, a new industrial facility was built already in 1917, which is still used to date. Over the years, this property was extended and steadily adapted to the modified requirements.
  • 1908
    Company foundation
    The successful history of Otto Kuhlmann GmbH & Co. KG started on April 12, 1908 by undersigning the founding treaty in the presence of the “Royal Notary” at Hamm.